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With the Years, it becomes harder to find some old Jailbreak-Tools. We would like to give you the Ability to get these Tools from our Jailbreak-Center. Simply select your iDevice, the Firmware and enjoy it …


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Introducing Suave7

True Customization. True Love for iOS. Completely redesigned for iOS 7 to iOS 12. 309 themed Stock-Bundles. More than 600 themed Apps. Over 100 themed Tweaks. Full of Images that will change your iOS Experience and bring you a true skeuomorphic User Interface. Suave7 is with Love designed for You.

iOS 7 was a huge Step in the History of iOS: The Design went over from a skeuomorphic to a minimalistic Concept. Suave7 brings the good old Design Language and Memories back - with Focus on the Icons we all love and fixing Bugs they were overseen by Apple.

But there's one Thing: With the Shutdown of MacThemes and their Forum in January 2013, the Community, who maintained Suave was scattered and so we're working since then alone on this Project.

From the Beginning Suave was more than a simple Theme. Suave goes deeper than other Themes. Changes more Images and Icons. This is one Thing - sorry more Thing - what makes Suave so lovely.

We've equipped Suave7 with some great new Features: Full App-Themes, use of auto-layouted Images where it's possible and support for modern Theming-Engines, like “Anemone” created by CoolStar, “iThemer” from DODGraphics and “Snowboard” from Spark.

Shared for Designers

Developers and Designers produce awesome Tweaks and create beautiful Themes to let you achieve a really better iOS-Experience. We're going a Step further: We share Suave7 and our Tweaks with you, so you can help us to create the best iOS we've ever seen.

During the Development of Suave7 and it's Predecessors, we've created a lot of Icons and UI-Images and we would like to share them with you. The Theme Developer Kit contains nearly 5.600 Icons, more than 380 Photoshop-Templates and 100 Pixelmator-Documents. With this Package you can customize every App from the App Store.

moXen offers an amazing new Way your Homescreen or Lockscreen will look like: With Time-shifting Wallpapers, your Wallpaper becomes brighter if it's Day and in the Evening darker. This isn't only really cool, it's better for your Eyes and you can sleep well.

Apple offers a really good News-App, but if you're living outside the United States, Australia, Canada or Great Britain, the App won't show on your Homescreen: “NewsOfTheWorld” enables Apple News for all Regions and localizes them in any Language supported by iOS.

Jailbreaking is our Life

We love Cydia. With our Web-App, we would like to give you the Ability to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch within your Browser. We've created a modern Version of JailbreakMe, based on the Work of qwertyoruiopz, the Pangu Team and tihmstar.

If you're interested in amazing Tweaks and a really cool new Way to explore Packages just add our Repo with the Button above. If you have a bit Luck you can also see our “One more Thing”  …

Created with 

“There’s lots of Ways to be as a Person, and some People express their deep Appreciation in different Ways, but one of the Ways that I believe People express their Appreciation to the Rest of Humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there.”
- Steve Jobs -

We believe, in the Act of making something with a great Deal of Care and Love, something is transmitted there. We've spend thousands of Hours, for the Creation of Suave7, with a lot of “No's” for every “Yes”. With this great Deal of Care of Love, we hope you will love Suave7, our great Developer Kits and our Tweaks. If so, please have the Courage not copying or pirating them.

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I will never ask you for a Donation and every single Package will be free - in the Past as well as in the Future .